You Get What You Give

We believe that every act of kindness or service is of absolute, equal importance. Every patient want or need is a treasure revealed. And you are the key. You are the companion of people on an incredible personal journey – theirs and yours. We are the guide.  When you volunteer with GSH, you join a team of dedicated people working together to make a difference. You become a valued member of our hospice team, whether you’re caring for patients, helping in the office or advocating for hospice in the community.

With enthusiasm and creativity, you and other Good Shepherd Hospice volunteers can make special moments happen for our patients and our families, again and again. It’s an incredible gift to give someone.

And one hour a week is all we ask.

What You Can Do

We all have needs. Yours may be a renewed sense of purpose. A quest for spirituality. Work to fill idle moments. The opportunity to touch someone on a heartfelt level – and be touched in return. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it.

Direct Patient Care Volunteers

Providing support to patients and families is an incredibly rewarding experience. There are many ways you can offer assistance.

  • Companionship – A comforting, compassionate presence is a powerful thing. Visit to share stories, read aloud, provide a hand massage, work on a life legacy project, etc.
  • Relief for caregivers – Provide a much-needed break for a loved one caring for a patient.
  • Special services – Sometimes needs come up that are outside the “norm” of companionship and caregiver relief. Run an errand, pick up some groceries, walk a dog, or help with other tasks, as appropriate.

Pet Therapy Volunteers

Pet therapy has been shown to reduce loneliness, depression, stress, and isolation while promoting relaxation and lifting spirits. Our Pet Therapy teams have a remarkable way of connecting with patients on a very special level. Certified dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds are welcome.

Administrative Assistance 

Would you be more comfortable assisting our staff in the office? We have a great need for help with activities such as filing, preparing mailings, computer input, organizing supplies, assisting with volunteer trainings, and preparing newsletters and life review projects.

Student Volunteers

We welcome students who need community service hours.

Honoring our Veterans Volunteers

Trained in special end-of-life needs of Veterans, this team of volunteers assists in honoring Veterans and their families through activities such as living history projects and visiting to provide special recognition on Veterans Day.

Bereavement Volunteers

Assist family members through visits, phone calls, assisting with support programs and remembrance celebrations, and delivering thoughtful gestures to support families throughout first year after the loss of their loved one.

Tuck-In Volunteers

Make weekly phone calls to patients and families to “tuck them in” for the weekend, by checking on supplies that may be needed and offering kind words and support.

11th Hour Volunteers

A special team of volunteers that offer a quiet presence for patients in their final hours. Volunteers may also comfort loved ones by being a supportive presence, greeting visitors, making a meal, helping with phone calls and simply being present.

Community Liaison Volunteers

Would you partner with a Pet Therapy Volunteer and other staff to speak to churches, schools and organizations?  We’ll provide you with training and presentation materials. Help educate the community about the help hospice can offer, and spread the word about the many opportunities to participate as a volunteer.

Bake and Take Volunteers

There’s nothing like a neighbor dropping off a special treat! Help us in giving our patients and families that special feeling that someone really cares by preparing (or purchasing) baked goods or food items to be delivered as a thoughtful gesture. Maybe drop some flowers off too?

Licensed Professionals

Volunteer Professionals work closely with the our staff to assist with intermittent needs of patients and families. Massage therapists, hair stylists, barbers, counselors, dentists, lawyers and accountants can offer their talents and skills in support of patients and families at a critical time when help is really needed. Professionals must be licensed in their state. Are you available a few times throughout the year to be of help?

Special Project Volunteers

Do you sew, quilt, crochet or craft? Create special items such as gowns, quilts, aromatherapy pillows, prayer shawls, lap robes and memory bears to bring warmth and comfort to patients and families.